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My name is Geoff Pascual and I am a self-taught watercolor artist, promoting my artwork with help from my intimate Pascual Productions team. At an early age, I developed a strong entrepreneurial mindset and started selling my artwork online via ETSY in Highschool. In college, I attended business school at the University of California Fullerton with a concentration in Entreprenuraliship with the intention of growing my own business. Fast forward 7 years later and I am proud to have made a living for myself selling my own original artwork and prints at a variety of conventions, galleries and online. In 2018 I purchased my own live/work art studio in Downtown Santa Ana where my team and I work on the daily to collaborate on new ventures, fulfill customer orders, and prep for conventions throughout the year. My goal is to have my artwork recognized all across the globe. I am constantly searching for ways to improve my artwork and define my own art style. I strive to create paintings that reflect who I am as an artist today, and my style is constantly improving and changing as I grow. From tattooing in my parents garage to seeing the world through the lens of a camera, I am always engulfing myself into new hobbies that allow me to scratch my creative itch. Aside from my passion for art, I enjoy fishing, billiards, ping-pong, video games, photography and basically anything that pushes me to compete.

2018 Watercolor Paintings Portfolio

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