Sunflower Original Watercolor Painting

Sunflower Original Watercolor Painting


Sunflower, 10 x 14”, Watercolor on Hot Pressed Paper, 2019.

This is the Original Watercolor Painting of Sunflower by Geoff Pascual. The painting depicts the main characters of Samurai Champloo: Mugen, Jin, and Fuu against a sunflower filled background. The colors used in this watercolor painting, is reminiscent to color pallets from the anime.

The Process: To prevent warping as I painted this piece, I soaked the watercolor paper and stapled it onto a wooden board. On the right of the board I also stapled a color map for reference and the original line work from when I first drew out the composition, which was drawn on the back of a coffee bean label when I had no other piece of paper nearby at the moment.

Original Painting does not include process reference material.

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