The Pascual Productions Framing Guide

If you’re like us, you have a handful of art prints tucked away at a dark corner of your house or stacked on top of each other on what used to be called your productive work desk. This is mainly due in part to extreme laziness or the belief that framing is expensive. I’m making this post with the hopes of inspiring you to wipe the dust off and open up those clear plastic sleeves that have been suffocating our prints. Give them what they deserve - a frame where they can live in style.

If you’ve ever bought a print from us, you’ve been blessed with what we call a standard frame size. The sizes we offer include: 5 x 7”, 11 x 14”, 18 x 24”, and 24 x 36”. This means you have the ease of finding a frame at almost any store that sells frames such as Target, Walmart, Michael’s and Amazon.

Before purchasing a frame think about the following

  1. Where will I display it?

  2. Do I want it to standout as the main focus of a wall, or accent a space among other artwork?

  3. What textures and colors already exist in the room?

  4. What textures and colors exist in the painting?


The Unique Frames

We love seeing new and creative ways to frame artwork. Our favorite so far are float frames, because it really isolates a painting to stand out on a wall in a minimal way. Browsing through amazon, I came across some really cool framing ideas that add a unique touch to any space. If you end up trying one of these frames, please let us know how it turned out!

The Neutral Frames

Neutral frame colors include different shades of black, grey or white. These type of frames are almost fool proof because of their versatility to go well in any setting. Having a neutral frame also allows you to move your artwork to different locations of your home, knowing it will adapt to the space easily. If you’re going for a more minimal and organized look to your gallery wall, neutral frames are the way to go.

The wooden Frames

Artwork brings life into a space. If you’re trying to decorate a dulled out office, wooden frames help to break up stale and cold spaces by introducing natural and organic textures. Pair a wooden frame with some greenery, and your office will start to feel much more airy and fresh.

The Mat Frames

Many frames come with a mat that adds padding between the print and the edge of the frame. If you want to mat your prints, you’ll need a frame that is slightly larger than the artwork. Below are examples of frame sizes to look out for based on the size of your print.

  • 5 x 7” print

    • 8 x 10” frame with a mat for 5 x 7” prints

  • 11 x 14” Print

    • 14 x 18” frame with a mat for 11 x 14” prints

    • 16 x 20” frame with a mat for 11 x 14” prints

  • 18 x 24” Print

    • 22 x 28” frame with a mat for 18 x 24” prints

I hope this post inspires you to pick out frames and display the artwork that you fell in love with for all to enjoy. Be confident in your design choices, and create a space that makes YOU happy. If you have any questions in regards to framing or decorating a gallery wall in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out!

-Jana Rae Pascual