Two-Faced Exclusive SDCC 2018 Skate Deck

Only Available at San Diego Comic Con 2018 (Booth #4716)

The Inspiration 

I've always been intrigued by traditional Japanese masks, and their expressive nature. I knew going into developing a plan for this painting that I'd need to get my hands on some masks to reference off of. I was working a show in Japantown for San Francisco's Cherry Blossom Festival back in April, and saw people walking around with a Kitsune mask tilted to the side of their head. After the show I saw those same masks inside this small Japanese boutique and purchased one of each of their different masks. The meaning behind the title "Two-Faced" eludes quite blatantly to the physical purpose of wearing a mask and it being a placeholder for covering one's true identity. I also included script behind the masks of the painting from an old play titled Kurama-Tengu.